felt rug

If you’ve ever been in one of our boutiques, you know how special our displays are. That is because we construct almost everything ourselves here in Philly. This photo is one of our display designers crafting a felt rug that is part of our window display in our new Boston store location at the Prudential Center.



workerfromrooseveltfield -November 5, 2006, 8:39PM

YOu know whats even more amazing, the roosevelt field store has this really really cool wall by the registers thats like a flowery rug wall however that felt rug is really cool

AJL -November 27, 2006, 1:24AM

I have a question. What is done with the art for displays after the season ends? For example, what would happen with this felt rug? Is it taken back to Philadelphia and kept there, or is it sold? Keeping all the displays from all the seasons would need quite a storage area!

keara -February 16, 2008, 12:48PM

How is this rug made!

Courtney Oarr -January 18, 2012, 6:11PM

Obsessing over this blog, love the new Free People Line and everything about it generally. Just has a cool sdimplisticish vibe to it. Makes me want to move to the ocean

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