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Mr. John Galliano seems to be the guest editor for the December/January issue of French Vogue. Hopefully this means a healthy dose of avant garde fashion fantasies to get us through the new year. And speaking of getting us through the new year, the issue also comes with a limited edition 2007 calendar (pictured above). I received this news via stylebubble. She also recommends December’s British Vogue, it’s 90th birthday issue, even for those that aren’t usual Vogue readers. She’ll tell you why


Anonymous -November 12, 2006, 12:46PM

I can’t wait to get the new Vogue!

fpgirl -November 13, 2006, 11:50AM

Hi everyone. Just wanted to update you… I have spent the weekend pouring over the anniversary issue of British Vogue and it is definitely worth the $10. There is so much history and quite a bit of illustration. They did a lot of story telling as well, such as informing us of where they found the vintage pieces for the feature shoot. This is a Vogue you may actually want to read rather than just tear out the pretty pictures.

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