Word has it, these ornaments are selling out quick. I wanted to share their story, even though they might not be available much longer…
These funny girls were inspired by a vintage statue found in London of some sort of crazy wood nymph. Our accessories designer picked out some extreme trims while traveling through India and Hong Kong. She brought them back to Philly and a few of the designers worked to design different outfits and personalities for the girls. Once they picked the best ones, the accessories designer named all her babies. Here’s what she was thinking with the names…
(from left to right)
holly wood… came from the accessories designer’s Halloween costume last year, and the ornament has a wooden head
betty wilson… reminded the designer of a neon colored lady from a fifties sitcom
coco cabana… she would probably serve frozen drinks on a cruise or something
pips o’hare… pippie long stocking pigtails
toni rockafella… check out her bling
pixie bell… a prettty winter fairy


Keet -November 23, 2006, 1:45PM

These are spectacular! Are they just wooden bead-heads, pipecleaners, and trimmin’s? –Keet, also from Philly

Colleen -November 29, 2006, 2:29PM

I became totally obsessed with making these little “wooden head pipe cleaner dollies”!
They’ve been such a creative inspiration, as cheesy as that sounds! They look superb on my pink Christmas Tree. ;)

Jayne -December 10, 2007, 9:49PM

PatchNYC makes these dolls, too. A wedding cake topper was featured in a magazine. Their wooden-headed pipecleaner couples “start” at $500.
I made my own for about $5. If I cold attach a picture, I would!

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