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Have you ever found the most perfect pair of boots on a website, and then gone back later to find them and spent, like half an hour trying to find that same website. Or maybe you tend to save your choice shopping sites under the “Favorites” column on your toolbar, and now there’s about a million and you have no idea why they’re there. There are a few tools out there to get your shopping lists in order, and serve as a kind of “social networking” with myspace-like features.

I have found the most basic of these sites to be wists. Here you can save pictures of the things you covet and tag them with categories that will help you find them easily.

This other site that I like is stylehive created with the purpose of “amplifying the buzz factor” of online shoppping. I like searching by what’s “popular” for that day, week, month, to see what products are getting some “buzz”. Stylehive also has a good blog for discovering what’s new on the web.
And my favorites of this breed of sites is thisnext. This site offers the most ways to personalize your lists and have a real identity. On this site it is easy to discover people with similar interests as you, and then learn about new products/websites that they have discovered. Let me know if anyone has any tips for discovering new trends through these sites!



Sharon -December 1, 2008, 1:39AM

Nice good blog!

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