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The one shoulder dress was shown all over the runways for spring, but it seems like fashion is moving so fast that the trend has arrived before the season! Here is the Free People version in an easy to wear knit embellished with embroidery and beading.
Also wanted to give a bit of info on this beautiful yellow background our creative assistant painted. It was inspired by our Bali concept, so she looked at lots of different batik sarongs for pattern ideas. The way she executed it kind of relates to the batik technique as well. She layed down a bunch of sticks and draped string all around and taped these down. She then rolled paint over these textures and pulled them off after painting. She used the pattern created by the resist to embellish with more color. She admits the process took her more time than necessary, but she has truly made a work of art!


Kaya -December 1, 2006, 6:39PM

Beautiful photography, i agree with you, the clothes on the runway are coming way before the season, its ridiculous! im not sure if i like this dress though with just one shoulder, it seems kind of unfashionable, not very creative. Could people comeup with something more exciting? more new?

Anonymous -December 1, 2006, 9:08PM

the website looks so much better with these fun backgrounds! i was wondering.. how long do you keep the models on the website around for? because some come and go so quickly..

kayte -December 2, 2006, 12:34AM

wow! that’s beautiful! as someone who has to get backdrops and stuff ready for photo shoots, that’s an amazing amount of time to be able to spend on a backdrop!
is it just for one shot?!!!

fpgirl -December 2, 2006, 5:00PM

About the models… we have a few favorite girls that we love working with, but we like to see new faces as well. How often we work with a particular model could depend on a number of things. Sometimes a model isn’t available the days we are shooting, or sometimes we just want to try someone new.
And about the backdrop… no it wasn’t for just one shot. We’ve been experimenting with all different kinds of backgrounds to give the photos and site another layer of interest.

maria -December 2, 2006, 10:37PM

the website and blog look great. it looks like now we can see which items have colors.
just got the snowflake tights in the mail. oooooh! so sparkly!!!! love everything

Tiffini Elektra X -December 5, 2006, 12:14AM

Fabulous and super cute! I love the stunning yellow background with those red tights! Looking forward to getting the new catalog in the mail. ♥

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