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I love this entry on love forever about paper. I’ve noticed how paper art has been in the artistic consciousness more this year than in the past, from art exhibits to store displays (think Tord Boontje for Target!). And now that trend is moving a step ahead into more sculptural ideas. The mixed prints in these tears are so great. The way they have been used in interiors also makes me think of the popularity of wall paper and decals.
Definitely check out the blog love forever. She just posted a nice reflection on the art of blogging. And I agree, the act of blogging is totally related to craft and DIY!


kaytet -January 31, 2007, 11:08PM

thanks for the shout-out!
i’ve had most of those tears for a while now but when i recently came across the one on the bottom right i knew i had to post something!

ann -February 1, 2007, 2:33AM

Real Simple magazine has always used paper art in their opening pages for each section — there was an article on the man who does all the paper crafts in their magazine awhile back. It’s all pretty amazing!

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