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I mentioned how friends and gifts seemed to be major themes for the FP crew when it comes to their workspace. These objects are favorites of Elsa, the Free People Direct Assistant Image Coordinator. That means she works on the creative team for the website, coordinating the photographers, the models, the photos, etc.
The picture above is a gift from a Free People employee. Elsa uses it to store her business cards. The dog is chalkware, a common object in the 1930′s given away as prizes at the circus and carnivals.

She also keeps these goggles that were a gift brought back from Tibet. They were supposedly used for climbing mountains.
And the best part is, they fold up into this amazing little leather case!



Jennifer -March 23, 2007, 5:24PM

The little dog statue makes me laugh. It inspires me to go eBay shopping to see what interesting kitsch I might find today :-)

Elsa's Mom -March 24, 2007, 6:29AM

Elsa, clean up your office!

Anonymous -March 24, 2007, 3:09PM

does elsa wear these while she’s working?

Anonymous -March 24, 2007, 7:56PM

hi is there any way i can request a catalog??? i got one sent to me but i need another one

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