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Is anyone down with IQONS* yet?? For those of you that haven’t heard the buzz, it’s a social networking site developed spefically to help connect those in the fashion industry. Whether you’re a stylist, photographer, designer, whatever. Check out the about page. I think the idea is really great, connecting serious designers and those just starting out, inspiring further relationships between art and fashion, and hosting competitions to get your name out there. And I guess it’s still in it’s soft launch phase, so it’s hard to tell how effective it is for all you creators out there. But I’m loving the idea. So, should we all get to it and sign up for IQONS???



Daniel, Fashionising -March 22, 2007, 5:40PM

You should also take a look at Fashionising, we’re connecting upcoming (and established) designers with consumers – with the hope of allowing designers to not only find more popularity (and success) financially, but also find new inspiration by talking direct to the consumer (which is invaluable market research).
We also run a magazine aimed at promoting all the fashion industry enthusiasts from Fashionising, including the designers, models, and photographers.

Sarah e. Smith -March 23, 2007, 9:54AM

Thanks for posting a link to that awesome site…i had not heard about it before you posted..thansk for the info :) Cheers and HAPPY SPRING!!!

margaret -January 29, 2008, 5:01PM

For professionals who are actually in the industry, you should check out Its unique because the site is filled with high quality contacts, all eager to make valuable business connections. Anyone in the industry should check it out- just launched in January 2008!

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