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Coolhunting did this great post about how touching it can be to read a story set in a place that you personally know. Penguin UK has organized a series of stories based on travels called Great Journeys. Stay tuned… when our next catalog drops I’ll share a couple of books about “journeys” that really inspired our creative team.

So the Coolhunting post reminded me of something I wanted to share about Penguin. They produced a series of classics with blank covers that you can design yourself, and then they display them in a flickr gallery (like the two pictured above). All in all I’m totally fascinated with Penguin. They have a cute blog, are responsible about their environmental effects, and have a number of other interesting programs for the community of readers.

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Sarah Ann -April 3, 2007, 3:38PM

Remind me of a children’s book I fell in love with called Lost and found about a Penguin, released by Penguin Books.
link here

PL -May 1, 2007, 9:47PM

Wow, the Picture of Dorian Gray cover look a lot like the cover for Sean Wilsey’s Oh the Glory of It All.

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