travel swap update!

I want to thank everyone that’s already signed up for the travel swap (probably about 150!) and encourage you to get even more people involved! I love the community the last swap created, and all of the back and forth in the flickr group was such a great chance to share your crafty talents with even more people. So the last day to sign up is Monday. Post the info on your blogs and let’s get some more people involved over the weekend.
After Monday, it’ll take a few days to get all the info together and then I’ll email you with your partner’s info and the link for the travel swap’s flickr group.
globes.jpg I saw these globes and maps over at Terramia and it reminded to get thinking about what I’m gonna make!

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dave -April 26, 2007, 5:21PM

wow! 150 signups already…that’s amazing

Jen Hilliker -April 26, 2007, 6:08PM

I was just wondering when the next Free People catalogue is coming out? I have been soo happy that there has been a new wonderfully special edition about every month…will they continue to be released at this pace (I hope so!).
~Jen Hilliker
p.s. I hope to one day work for Free People as a buyer because I really adore the Free People brand and what it embodies…I get soo many compliments on my Free People clothing and have introduced many of my friends to the line.

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