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I posted the video of our first Urban Outfitters Inc. art installation a little while back (check it out here).
The latest artist exhibiting in Building 543 (the Urban Inc. common building hosting our restaurant, book shop, gym, etc) is also a Free People girl. Luren works on our display team and is an amazing artist in her free time.
This installation was originally titled “One Wall is an Edge.” It addresses the idea of creating a nomadic but holistic environment for yourself to move in. The yurt is a nomadic shelter, meant to be put up in a few hours, made hospitable, lived in, and deconstructed to move to a different place. The painted backdrop completes the illusion of creating a new environment for the yurt dweller. This is a fantasy place for being far away while grounded in a common routine. It is an escape to an exoticized space, yet it is made of common materials around us all the time: plastic, PVC, zip ties, canvas and wood. Decontextualized from its usual location on the planes of Central Asia, the yurt and its landscape act as an object of escapism and as a space for contemplation and surprise.

A little about Luren… She graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with the department of Textile Design. She has been working within the scale of environment creation through interior design and textile design, as well as installation. Her interests in the decorative arts lie mainly in the intersection of the surreal and the conventional. She is currently living and working in Philadelphia with Free People making artwork for new stores and designing seasonal displays.

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Anonymous -September 8, 2007, 10:35AM

luren is a cool lady.
mad props kid.

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