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Recently I met the designer of AMH Design. She does these super cute, portable needlepoint kits and the end result is functional as well. Here’s a bit from Amy’s bio…
Amy Holbrook, the founder of AMH Design, discovered needlepoint when it was recommended to her as a great stress relief activity. After living in Italy for several years where her most stressful daily event was trying to navigate Rome’s traffic on her Vespa, Amy returned to New York and enrolled at Columbia Business School where she soon became a stressed out, sleep deprived MBA student looking for a job. To combat the stress of her grueling schedule, Amy started needlepointing. She was instantly hooked by this craft that kept her hands busy, calmed her nerves and put her into a meditation-like state.
After stitching numerous floral motifs, eyeglass cases and pillows with cute sayings, Amy decided that if she was going to continue stitching, she wanted to be making something that would fit in with her urban lifestyle and home decor. She searched needlepoint shops and online stores and couldn’t find what she was looking for. So, she decided to design them herself- AMH Design was born shortly after graduating from Columbia.
Check out her site for fun ways to craft and customize your own journals and photo albums!



Skye -November 12, 2007, 10:36PM

Your video is awesome, and i love your clothes and shoes. My favorite jacket is a 4 year old free people and i wear it every fall :) Your colors and your adventures are an inspiration…
Good luck with everything you create, and if you ever need a model it would be an honor

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