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I just had to post Tara Murray’s doily chair. Free People is always attracted to the modernization of old crafts, and Tara’s work explores that concept. Here’s a bit about the chair from her website
The Doily Chair was an exploration in designing a new furniture piece utilizing an outdated object. The new composite linen doily has found its home supported on a wide walnut chair frame. The recontextualized doily provokes images of grannies and formal parlours of the past yet maintains its contemporary proportions and usage. The Doily Chair is a project from the thesis work on attachment and thus employs the six developed Design Tools to Encourage Emotional Attachment.

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jon -January 3, 2008, 12:16PM

this is really beautiful

Diane Edwards -July 12, 2013, 4:28PM

I love the chair at Bloomingdales. Would love to buy it. Low – made for short people

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