fp ballerinas

We were taking down a tutu display in the home office, and some of the designers decided to play dress up. Just like a Degas painting, right??



yasmine -April 12, 2008, 2:17AM

oh tutus are one of my favorite things. i’ve worn a tutu to work one day :)
you guys are cute!

Ronnie -April 12, 2008, 4:25PM

Those tutus are so cute. I want one!

Jennifer Hilliker -April 12, 2008, 9:16PM

Were these tutus inspiration for an upcoming catalog and are they available to purchase? I think they are absolutely adorable!!!

Knitsational -April 14, 2008, 2:00PM


Lauren -April 15, 2008, 3:07PM

haha! cuute…not quite Degas=)
I would so purchase these. Please contact me if you are selling them!

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