employee desk – erica

Posing pensively for us at her desk (and in a Spartan helmet no less) is Erica.
Erica is the Assistant Visual Display Designer, which means she gets to help design
the displays that go in all the Free People stores.
It also means that her desk has many interesting objects to look at,
both related to her display work as well as personal items.

This is Erica’s favorite area of her desk.
The two young ladies pictured are her best friends hamming it up
on vacation in Daytona Beach. Happy times.
This is my favorite area of Erica’s desk.
When asked of the shoes she tells us:
“a wealthy older woman was giving away piles of clothes and such and
apparently didn’t realize what a great find these shoes were!”
The shoes are sadly too fragile to be worn. But great to look at!
And the radio? Made of PAPER! It was picked up in Hong Kong.
Paper objects like these are made for funerals, to be burnt up as a means of
allowing the dead to take the objects with them to the afterlife.
Tune in next time for another fun look at an employee desk!



fp luren -May 8, 2008, 2:53PM

cool person alert!

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