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We The Free – Kitty Hawk Tee

One of my favorite women’s tees that we are selling right now is the We The Free Kitty Hawk Tee.
Something that tickled the curiosity of myself and my fellow Free People bloggers however, was whether the tee had been inspired by the fact that our home office is located on Kitty Hawk Avenue…
So I searched out the designer mostly responsible for the tee, Gabrielle, asked her-
and to my delight, the answer was yes! The print had been inspired by our humble street.
She also told me a little about the process of burning out a tee to make it thinner
and have that vintage feel.
They start with a poly-cotton material, then come up with a print or a set of areas they want to “burn out.” You’ll notice on these type of garments that some areas are thinner than others. The areas more thinned out have had a type of print applied to them which has a chemical that when washed, dissolves the cotton but leaves the polyester. After the fabric has been burnt out, it is dyed. Generally, after the dying is when the garment is constructed.
The screen print is the last thing added.

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