What did you do over Memorial Day weekend?

“I went home to north Jersey and visited with my parents. I had lots of fun planting flowers outside the house I grew up in, impatiens and begonias!”

“We took a tour of the Philadelphia Magic Gardens, and we were so amazed! We’ve never had the chance to go inside and now we want to live there! After that we went to the Jamaican Jerk Hut for dinner as well as to see a cool local band called Wareika Hill that was playing there. We sat on a blanket out in the yard that the restaurant owns! The food was great and so was the music! We had a blast!”
I threw a barbeque for my friends at my place on Sunday, and then on Monday went to a barbeque at my parents in Stockton, NJ! We swam, played pingpong and played bocce!”
“I found three tiny abandoned and hungry baby kittens in an alleyway by my house! I took them to my friends house and now we are each the proud owners of one!”
“Twice a summer a group of about 20 of my friends and myself meet up in the Glades area of the south shore of Massachusetts to hang out and reunite. One of those meetings for this summer was this weekend! We had a bonfire, collected mussels, played board games, flew kites, played bocce, jumped off rocks, and basically had a good old time. Here are a couple pictures of us, one jumping off rocks and another playing bocce!”
“We also got to stay in the house where the old David Hasselhoff movie ”Witchery” was filmed, so we watched the movie, in the house where it was filmed! Random and cool!”
“I had a romantic picnic with my husband and our doggy! Other than that I spent the weekend making a craft workshop room in my house! It was a lot of work cleaning, organising things, and putting furniture together, but now I can’t wait to start crafting!”
“I worked on my new house all weekend! We took down an entire wall, and exposed the brick in another wall!”
A sweet young lady who chose not to be pictured had this to add:
“My cousin graduated from Brown this weekend, so I went to Providence, RI and ate and ate and ate to celebrate! I got mussels and Belgian fries at Red Stripe Restaurant, and they were fantastic! I also had some sensational crabcakes at 3 Steeple Street Restaurant! I would recommend either place to anyone visiting Providence!”



Chloe Cumbow -May 27, 2008, 2:56PM

Told ya! Told ya Providence is great when I was beggin’ for a
Free People here in my last comment. And confirming that
Providence is one of the great food cities of the country. Y’all
come on up!

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