May Catalog Poster Results

Thank you ALL so much for voting on which page in the May catalog you’d most like to see as a poster! We’ve never had so many comments, and we were so happy and interested to hear which ones YOU liked best! We are going ahead and closing down the voting now, so that we can get to work on creating the posters!
Pages 12 and 20 were the clear favorites, so we figured we would try and see if we can make posters of both pages!

We will be sure to include the art running along the side of page 12 (or actually 13) and also to keep page 20 simple, as it is already. I will also be sure to post more information about the poster or posters and how to get them as soon as I get it. For now just know that the posters are definitely in the works, and you will be able to get one soon!
You can also look for another chance to vote on which page to make into a poster after the next catalog drops! Stay tuned!
Thank you again to all who voted!


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