philadelphia’s magic gardens

Happy (belated) July 4th to all! I hope everyone here in the States enjoyed their long weekends!
I had been hoping to catch some good pictures of the various fireworks and festivities going on around Philly to share with you guys, but I didn’t get any! (Boo!)
However, earlier today a couple friends and I went and checked out Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, where I had never been. People at the home office had told me before that it was a cool place to see, and were they ever right! It was so inspiring!

I’m not sure if you can tell in the last picture, but it began to rain (pretty hard!) while we were in the outside part of the gardens, and there is water pouring out of the sideways jug! Turns out the artists had it configured as part of the gutter! So cool!
And, with all the glass bottles and other randoms, there was an awesome array of noises in the garden as the raindrops hit the objects!
I would totally recommend checking out the Magic Gardens if you are in the area, rain or shine! :)
It was only 3.00$ to get in and it was definitely worth it!


Brittaney -July 6, 2008, 10:41PM

Dearest Free People:
I recieved the July catalog yesterday. I had been waiting and waiting and waiting… let me tell you! Fall is my favorite season. FP’s fall clothing has always been amazing.
I regret to say that I could not afford barely anything in it. Sincerely and truly, I wish I could afford at least some of it–but I cannot. I have been a dedicated FP fan for a long time–my account shows purchase after purchase, hehe! I truly love FP design, color, texture, you name it. It represents something so wonderful to me. I feel empowered and expressive when I wear FP clothing.
But I am a student, and taking care of 3 acres in the middle of the country. I have gas, food, and school (plus text books!) to pay for. Life is very demanding. I used to say every penny I could to buy FP clothing, but I cannot do that anymore.
My mother handed me the catalog and said “It is so sad that their prices are so high now.” I agreed. It is sad, and I say that with genuine sincerity. I love you, FP, but I had to set the catalog down. :(

Kellie Honea -July 6, 2008, 11:40PM

Seriously…a place to go rain or shine has got to be it! …I didn’t notice the rain out of the jug until I read it was raining. Now I can see it. I am not heading to Philly anytime soon, but I will keep it in mind =)

Anonymous -July 7, 2008, 1:11AM

hey fp team! I am on an epic hunt for a new bedspread and can’t find a whole lot of original options… have you guys ever though of transferring some of your wonderful prints into home goods?
even if you made one like the curtain on your Caravan of Curiosities I would snatch that up!

Rain -July 9, 2008, 1:42PM

Wow! This is incredible! So much work & love…I bet you had an awesome time!

pruittfpgirl -July 9, 2008, 3:19PM

Hey Anonymous! :)
I don’t think we have any immediate plans to make housewares and homegoods, but you can always check out our sister brand, Anthropologie, as they sell that kind of stuff and it’s all very stylish and unique!
And Brittaney, I’m real sorry to read your letter, and I will make sure and pass your feedback along to the appropriate people! It means a lot to us.

pruittfpgirl -July 9, 2008, 3:22PM

Sorry for the bad link!!
Here is Anthro’s website –

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