Thursday Poll – Edition 4

This week for our poll, we have a question for you all in regards to a couple of our current trends.
One trend that we are currently featuring in our stores is called “Wild at Heart.” The inspiration for this trend is the outdoors, the beauty of nature, and ourselves within it. Sweaters, cable knits, lots of texture in general, women’s thermals, and a natural color palette dominate this trend. You can also spot plenty of plaid and a long and lean look to this trend.
Here are a couple of items from this trend, to help give an idea of what it is about!

Shown above is the Buckled Up Menswear Dress in blue.
Shown here is the Wildlife Burnout Crew in black.
Another trend that you can currently find permeating our stores right now is called “Girls in Paris.” The girl in Paris is more fashion-forward, and though her silhouettes are similar to those in Wild at Heart, they are edgier and a little flirtier too! This trend is dominated by a drapey, girly feel, with hints of stripes, art deco-type prints, and of course plenty of black!
A couple of examples follow below…
Above is our Parisian Moon Dress, shown here in black combo.
Here we have our Raining Flowers Cami in olive.
See if you can pick out more items from each trend on your own!
But please first, give us your opinion! Which current trend do you like most?


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