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we love the acid wash!

Check out one of our newer items, the Lacey Bandeau Cami!
This cami, aside from featuring a lacey bodice, has an awesome acid washed bottom!

We asked our Assistant Design Director, Doub, to tell us a bit about acid washing! Here’s what she had to tell us: “We love acid wash! As we all know, acid wash was a big deal on jeans and heavy metal tees in the 80’s. Those of us who actually did experience this time period maybe either don’t remember it or would rather not admit to owning something acid washed! Haha! We love to bring this 80’s acid wash back but on something unexpected like a sweet cami. Often if there is anything too sweet or too pretty we like to acid wash it, to bring it down a notch and roughen it up around the edges. It also makes our thermals and lightweight jerseys so so soft and antique-looking.”
We also tracked down the designer responsible for this cute cami, Dana! She tells us: “The acid wash is done as a spray over the finished garment, to get a variety of results on the different fabrics and trims. We love the acid wash! We like using it because it adds a rougher boy edge to the more girly feminine styles, and also because it adds a lot to the fabric and the overall look of the style. We’ll be using it again in upcoming seasons, on different kinds of fabric to get different effects!”
We adore this technique, and this cami! Keep an eye out for more acid wash styles coming this fall!


tory -July 23, 2008, 4:36PM

I love this cami! My problem is I have a REALLY long torso, and everything is always way too short to cover me. Sad. I love free people. I recently purchased the “Sweet Poppies Cami” and I love it, so great for the summer.

apeiron -July 29, 2008, 10:39AM

beatifull :))

saeed -November 21, 2009, 4:04PM


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