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He’s one of these as a pup!
Meet Barley! He belongs to Dave. Dave runs our web site.
Name: Barley
Nickname: Bud, Buddy, Buddy Boy, Barls, Barls Gnarkley
Breed: Yellow Lab
Dislikes: christmas bells, doorbells (any bells actually), walks in the rain, being yanked away from free food on the sidewalk, the slow drive out to the park (too slow!), any talk of being neutered.
Favorite friends: Sadie (his sister three blocks away in downtown Philly), Maverick (a buddy from the dog park), and any FP office dogs, especially Indie! Also his new cousin Nook, a white retriever puppy (Nook is short for Nanook, which is Inuit for polar bear…he’s Canadian). Also his cousins black lab Banyon and Maple.
He’s also best friends with his sister Adelaide, a six month old human of the feminine variety. Addie’s instinctual response to Barley anytime he gets near is to close her eyes and pull her head back in defense against a big sloppy kiss.
How did you meet: Barley and his Dad met at the breeder’s house, north of Trenton in New Jersey. There were 3 available males in his litter, and he was chosen because he was the biggest and had the most dark yellow in his coat. Barley and his Mom met at the airport later that same day, she was flying home from vacation and was SO surprised to find a scared little puppy waiting for her at the international terminal at PHL.
Anything else you want to share: Barley’s sole purpose in life is to eat. Thankfully, he has never been put in this position, but if he were ever to find himself confronted by an unlimited supply of food, we’re confident he would eat until he could no longer stand up. His most terrifying moment came when his parents thought he swallowed a baby shoe. Turns out he didn’t, but we didn’t realize it until the surgeon didn’t find anything inside. He healed well and was swimming 3 days later, against doctor’s orders. He’s doesn’t care much for authority figures, except his parents when he knows he shouldn’t chew on the rug.
He’s an avid swimmer and has perfected the running leap into swimming pools.



Niccole -August 5, 2008, 1:15AM

What a cute lab!!! He looks just like Drake, my parents lab. I love labs. Someday my hubby and I will be proud owners of a dog… when we have a yard. I always enjoy meeting all the dogs from the Free peeps office.

heather -August 5, 2008, 1:22PM

I love the barley and addie pic! so cute!

funnygirl -August 7, 2008, 9:27AM

I’m sold :)) +1

Claire -August 12, 2008, 3:34AM

So adorable, he looks like such a sweetie!!! That last picture is really fantastic!

ariella -August 14, 2008, 8:11PM

hoverdog says haaai!!!

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