Anthro’s Dog Parade!

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone has a fun way to celebrate and have a big hurrah before winter arrives!
Here at the home office, we are happily enjoying a number of festivities, including an adorable doggy costume parade thrown by our sister brand, Anthropologie! I went over and had a look, and there were so many cute little costumes! I snapped a few pictures; check them out!

Here comes the parade, led by a cute lobster and a football star!

A cute little bat!
Detective Pug is looking for clues…
Meanwhile Hula Dancer Pug gets ready to dance!
Here we have a great big bumble bee!
…And a little tiny bumble bee!
Last but not least, my personal favorite doggy costume, the Phillies Phanatic! So cute!

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Autumn Murphy -November 1, 2008, 9:51PM

i want a doggie now!

Cufflinks -November 3, 2008, 2:41AM

cute pets.

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