cookie breath

Did you hear that song in Leanne Marshall’s final show on Project Runway?
Well FP girl Meredith is in love and has this to say:
“His name is Nathan W McKee and I bought his song on etsy (what a cool idea is that??!!!). I was going to wait to buy his EP in full when he puts it out soon but at $1.20 I didn’t see a reason not to just buy that now because I HAD TO HAVE IT.
It make me all giddy and happy listening to it, especially since it’s called Cookie Breath!!”


Anonymous -October 18, 2008, 5:23PM

it’s actually her boyfriend, too!

elisa -October 19, 2008, 9:39AM

Very cool! and much love for Etsy!

caroline -October 20, 2008, 2:34AM

i love this song! when i heard it during the show i went on a wild internet hunt for it. haha it makes me really happy as well and i play it in my head all the time.

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