employee desk – alissa

Meet Alissa, one of our Assistant Wovens Designers! I wandered over to her desk today, and was thoroughly entertained by all the cool stuff she has there!

The little matchbox with the “3″ on it says “Fosforus” across the top. I don’t know why, but I think that is neat! :)
One the left of the nail polishes is a little tiny cake! It’s so cute! It was a birthday gift to Alissa from another of our Wovens girls, Pattra! Alissa also really loves the envelope in the back because it was made for her by her boyfriend.
Do you see the cute little birdies sitting along the top edge of her desk?! So cute!!
The woodcarving was made by Alissa and her boyfriend.
These are crazy computer speakers! I love them! They were a gift from her mother.
You might recognize the picture in the middle from our Halloween video- it’s Alissa and her little brother dressed up for Halloween!
Hooray! Thanks for sharing Alissa!



Colleen -October 28, 2008, 2:15PM

Looks like the “forforus” is a play on the word phosphorus – see below from wikipedia.
Robert Boyle was the first to use phosphorus to ignite sulphur-tipped wooden splints, forerunners of our modern matches, in 1680

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