these lollies make me chuckle…

I saw these on Kiosk, and I just love the seller/creator’s description about them…
Clear lollis made in the traditional way with a candy mold, molds which are 100 years old; the maker has a collection of 300 of them. How fast your pour the lollis determines how clear they will be, clearness = perfection.
Colors: clear, red and green. The tradition was brought to America by German immigrants who historically produced them at Christmas, hanging the little ones in the tree.
We chose these forms to represent Massachusetts, the state we focused on for this first collection: windjammer boat = boat = the Mayflower, bear = black bears = the Berkshires, squirrel = the famous black squirrels of Westfield. Flavor = Sugar Beauty = 100%!

Haha! I love it! I want to see what molds they will pick for the rest of the states for sure!
If you want to possess these tasty suckers for yourself, visit their spot on Kiosk.


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