jen stark

These leaves were cut so beautifully by Jen Stark! What a perfect time of year for them! I saw them on Design Dig, and decided to look up a bit more about their creator. What I found was so awesome! I love Jen Stark’s other work! It is similar to Julian Vallée‘s work in that she loves to cut and use paper, and she uses lots of bright colors! I thought it was so funny I found her today after I just was talking about Julian’s work yesterday! See some of what I’m talking about below, and even more of Jen’s work can be found on her site.




penelope michler -November 11, 2008, 10:06AM

Your website is an inspiration and rich with resources that completely delight. I am, however, frustrated by the fact that everything you do, clothing-wise, is for the very young. Think of Issey Miyoki’s Japanese-style clothes for women! (Please take a look) I am 67 and still very much young at heart and yearning for clothing that matches who I am. It’s long past time that imaginative clothing is centered only on the youth. There is more money to be made from my own age group than even teens. Please consider. Thanks, Penelope

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