Learning to knit with Jasmine!

Ever wanted to learn to knit, but found book instructions too difficult? Jasmine, of our sweater design team, teaches how to cast on and how to do the most basic knit stitch in this fun little video! All you need is some yarn and a couple of knitting needles, which you can get real cheap at any craft store, or Wal-Mart, Target, etc…
Look forward to our next episode too, when Jasmine will teach us how to purl and how to cast off! I can’t wait to learn more stitches!

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Melody -November 23, 2008, 2:15AM

This was a treat. I finally got the itch to knit a few weeks ago and began having my Grandma, who taught me to sew when I was little, teach me. Thankgoodness she is patient! About 4 vintage thrift store “how to knit” book finds later, I finally was able to cast on! That was my only progress thus far, but this gives me hope! What a great idea, great post, thank you!

hilldaye -November 23, 2008, 9:48PM

this is a great idea, learning to knit in written instruction is hard to do.
i actually learned how to knit in an after school class in the 7th grade.
i also wanted to thank you for inspiration. your diy approch inspired my designs for my theatre classes costumes. at my high school every year we do a production for the kids in our county and surrounding areas (my school has been doing this for 30 years.) this year we are doing the three billy goats gruff, and have over 10,000 kids coming. my friend morgan and i are head of costuming and we wanted a more story book feel to go with the set consisting of a bridge, giant purple moutains and a blue sequin stream.
we actually knitted strips and tied yarn to make it look like fur, we also deconstruced a petticoat and are making a hedgehog costume out of pipe cleaners.
thank you for inspiration and keep creating absolutly amazing clothes.
love hillary

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