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10 quick questions – Alex

What is your job here at FP?
Designer for We The Free Knit & FP Pants
What is your current state of mind?
Contemplative… as I answer these questions. In general, future-oriented, optimistic and a tad bit scattered.
Who are your heroes?
I can’t say that I have any conventional heroes. I think I take most inspiration from friends and family members who are challenging themselves and me to think deeper and act with greater conviction.
If you could choose what to come back to life as, what would you be?
A second-wave feminist? I would have to participate in both reincarnation and time travel. Powerful!
Who or what is your greatest love?
That’s too personal for the blog.
Name one thing necessary to your happiness.
What do you hate most?
When people eat greasy food on the bus.
What would the name of your band be and what genre? What instrument do you play in the band?
My friend and I have been planning to start a video band called Crimes of the Heart. I might play my flute at key moments during the video performances, but mostly we would just try to have fun while tapping into some melancholic experience.
What color are you?
What is your motto?
Fake it ’til you make it!


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