Holiday Fair!

This coming Monday, December 8th through Wednesday, December 10th, Urban Outfitters Incorporated (that’s us!) will be hosting a special holiday sale, featuring artwork, handmade crafts, jewelry, and all sorts of other goodies! The sale will showcase the work of numerous different artists and have something for everyone! It will definitely be worth checking out!
The sale will take place in Building 543 from 11am to 3pm each day, and while you’re there you can stop and get lunch at Shop 543, which is where many of us get our lunch each day while we’re at work! It has a really pretty view of the Delaware River too!
Below are a couple of pictures of work by artists who will have work in the sale! To see a list of more (but not all) of the artists who will have work in the sale, check out this page. It also has a map to help you get down to the Navy Yard!

Eric Fausnacht
Ellen Rockower
Darla Jackson

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