hooray for cakies!

Remember a while back when we featured our blogger friend Rubyellen? She writes the fabulous blog Cakies, where she documents many things, in particular her extremely cute sewing machine creations! If you didn’t see our post about her, you should check it out, and her blog too!
At any rate, yesterday we received a little package from Rubyellen – and to our delight, inside were a pair of pretty little felt flower hairclips, handmade by Rubyellen! There was one for myself, and one for Heather, our Direct Operations Manager! We love them so much! Here we are modeling our flowers…

Aren’t they adorable? I just can’t get over them! Thank you so much Rubyellen! The clips totally made our day!

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Banu Karagil Dalaman -January 7, 2009, 5:25AM

love your felt roses. Please closer photos to understand how to.

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