sushi cake & reindeer cupcakes

Can you believe this cake? It made me do a double-take! The sushi decorations look so real! I spotted it on We Heart It, and then discovered it was made by a local Philadelphia bakery, Whipped Bakeshop. Whipped Bakeshop were also the creators of the wedding cake for Betsey Ross & Ben Franklin’s wedding this past Independence Day. You can see it below, it was really festive!

I had to show you this Chase Utley cookie Whipped Bakeshop made as well. It’s just too cute!
While we’re talking baked goods – this morning I wandered into the Free People kitchen and saw these cute little reindeer cupcakes! Yum! Our Office Coordinator, Lindsay, actually didn’t make them for a holiday celebration, but for our Assistant to the President, Carol, whose birthday is tomorrow! Regardless, they are practically too sweet to eat!

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