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It is my pleasure to bring you a guest post by one of our Graphic Designers, Kevin! (Also known as the host of DOG Talk!) Please enjoy!
Hi Everyone! My good friend Johnny Corndawg makes incredible airbrushed apparel that I wanted to share with you! Johnny does some amazing stuff with airbrush. Airbrush is a medium that’s usually overlooked for being cheap and tacky, but Johnny’s shirts are totally wild and original! Part artist and part musician, Johnny lives half the year in Nashville and half the year in the jungles of North Philadelphia.

While he’s still here with us in Philly, Johnny is having some holiday fun painting Pet Portrait T-Shirts! Personalized pet fan-art- think about it! It’s the perfect present. I’m having a portrait of my mom’s Irish Setter airbrushed on a sweatshirt. My mom’s going to freak out when she sees it! Johnny’s custom pet portrait shirts can be a little strange, but they’re totally exciting. (And pretty cheap!) Even if you don’t want an animal shirt, Johnny Corndawg has a great sense of humor and would probably airbrush whatever you wanted on any piece of clothing. Check out these shirts he already painted for other people!

Check out Johnny’s site to get your hands on one of these cool tees!

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