Thursday Poll – Edition 21

The Thursday Poll is back! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week!
This week, I am wondering what everyone prefers as far as shoe types!
Shown below is the Barcode Ankle Flat in grey suede, which is a nice example of a flat.

Next we have the Lotus Flannel Sneaker in cool grey/white – a comfy little sneaker!

Shown here is our Linus Riding Boot in brown suede, exemplifying, as you might guess, boots!
Serving as our example of a wedge or heel, shown below is the Krystal Wrap Wedge in expresso.
And now I put it to you: what type of shoe do you prefer to wear?



Caroline -December 4, 2008, 7:14PM

RE the grey flats… Were those a bit too big for the model, or do they really have that much toe cleavage? They look like there is an awful lot of room at the top, meaning they would slide on the foot… I love the ties around the ankles, though.

Lola -January 8, 2009, 5:34PM

great idea with the tied flats. luv it!

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