What did you do over the holidays?

As the holidays are starting to draw to a close, people are trickling back into the office. So today, I asked around, what did you do over the holidays? Here’s what a few people had to say!

Jessica: I shopped sales! I also got a massage! I played with my dog, saw old friends, and generally schmoozed!

Katie: Well, I had a cold, but I made curtains with my mom, which was fun!
Heather: I ended up driving about 1200 miles! I was finishing my big move from Columbus Ohio to here in Philly! I drove from here to Columbus, from Columbus to Indiana, then back to Columbus and back to Philly again! Whew! It’s good to be through moving!
Lindsay: I went to Mass for the first time in years, with my boyfriend’s family! Then I spent Christmas day with my mom and uncle! One of my favorite gifts I received this year was a silver necklace from my boyfriend, which I’m wearing right now!
Morgan: I spent the holidays in southern Indiana, and I ate a lot of great food that my mom cooked! Yum!
Luren: I went home to Texas and spent the whole time helping my dad with this painting experiment he’s working on. He’s trying to recreate Vermeer‘s optical painting tools, as well as his room. I spent a lot of time going around to thrift stores and trying to make old Dutch costumes, finding props and such. It was fun and interesting!
So what did you guys do over the holidays?



Tiff W -December 30, 2008, 1:26PM

I actually went to Conneticut (i’m from NYC) to spend Christmas with my mom’s friend who lives there. We climbed mountains, rode ATVs, and ate A LOT!

Adam -December 30, 2008, 1:34PM

you guys are my Holiday Hero’s!!!! :)

cake. -January 5, 2009, 11:25PM

ah! katie!!!
also, i want to hang out with luren’s dad!

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