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employee desk – katie!

Today we visit the desk of Katie, our Web Production Assistant! Among Katie’s duties are helping organize web-shoots, hiring models, and selecting pictures to go up on our website! She also has some pretty fun stuff on her desk – I should know because I have the pleasure of being her desk neighbor! She is a very good neighbor, too!

This crazy cat came from an A.C. Moore craft store! T-shirt not included…
The bear in this picture just appeared on Katie’s desk one day – she honestly has no idea where it came from! She tells us this: “I think the important things on my desk are my pictures and the little bottle of Tabasco sauce- I love Tabasco sauce, and I love small things!”
These are Katie’s two kitties, Queenie on the left, and Ghost Hoagie on the right. She found Ghost Hoagie in a pizza box in an alley when he was a kitten! They live with Katie and a turtle named Bunson, some fish, sea-monkies, a worm farm, and two hamsters!
Katie found this picture on the street when she lived in San Francisco! Check out the back of the picture below.
These are a few more of Katie’s treasured pictures – the top left picture is from when she lived in Vermont, the next one with the bridge is in San Francisco, and the bottom picture is from a beach in California. The wheels of the little cars spun in the wind!
Thanks for sharing your desk with us Katie!



estelluxx -January 14, 2009, 1:17PM

katie RULEZ!!!!!!!!

lizzy -January 14, 2009, 3:01PM

katie katie <3 <3 <3 i like looking at your desk tooo

katie Meyer -February 7, 2009, 5:36PM

I love you Katie Miller. I know you do a wonderful job and spread happiness and creativity wherever you are… whether it be the Midwest or the East Coast:)

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