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10 quick questions – Jessica

What is your job here at FP?
assistant in soft woven
What is your current state of mind?
fast + furiously designing
Who are your heroes?
Tina Fey (I love nerdy gone chic) + Kathy Griffin (grade A trash talking)
If you could choose what to come back to life as, what would you be?
the Obama daughters new puppy
What or who is your greatest love?
Titus Welliver in Deadwood (my sexy 19th century cowboy)
Name one thing necessary to your happiness.
paycheck advances + eating out with girlfriends
What do you hate the most?
“Debbie Downers”
What would the name of your band be and what genre? What instrument do you play in this band?
name: trans-fatty
role: fly girls w/ occasional cowbell
What color are you?
What is your motto?
“ya never know” ;)



Michael -February 2, 2009, 7:25PM

Hey Jessica,
Your mother sent me the link so I could see you. You look great and I agree with your heros. Make your mom come and visit me in California.

yttr -February 3, 2009, 1:44PM

i want to play cowbell in your band…

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