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Gunta Stölzl

These patterns are just so incredible! The first two are actual wall-hangings, the last is a sketch of ideas for wall-hangings. All are the work of Gunta Stölzl, a German textile artist from the early 20th century. She entered the famous Bauhaus School as a student in 1920, and ended up as a teacher there in 1928. Still, I’d never heard of her until today when I saw her on Now Voyager, who is also real impressed. If you are interested too, check out this website, it’s got a detailed biography and quite a few pictures of her work.
Something about Gunta’s designs reminds me a little bit of the Gee’s Bend Quilts. What do you think?



cake. -February 5, 2009, 1:02AM

seriously! so beautiful. i’ve just started learning how to weave and so these design are just so amazing to me.

Suzanne Hokanson -March 19, 2009, 11:39PM

I did a lot of research on the weavers of the bauhaus several years ago which resulted in a self published book… WOVEN: a bauhaus memoir. I am excited that people are discovering Gunta Stolzl and her incredible talent.
Having seen the Gee’s Bend Quilts in Washington a couple years ago… I agree with you that there is some essence that transcends both. But the complexity of the woven tapestries are the opposite of the quilts’ elegant simplicity. It is an interesting comparison, though.

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