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Thursday Poll – Edition 28

It’s time for our Thursday Poll!
Last week I asked which drapey top out of four that we are currently selling appealed to you the most. Your favorites were the Double Drape Tank, with 164 votes, and the Embroidered Floral Hoodie with 136 votes. Excellent choices- especially the Embroidered Hoodie I think, since I have one myself! ;)
This week, I am trying to get myself out of this wintry mood and into a more springy frame of mind. We recently started coming out with our beach line for this year, and I am obsessed! I have been perusing all of our bathing suits with interest as they come out, and of course I want to know which one is your favorite so far!
First, have a look at the Sandy Dot Cut-Out One Piece below.

Next up is the Full Fringe Bandeau Bikini.

Below, check out the Stardust Fringe One Piece!
Next is our Feather Frill Bandeau Bikini.
Finally, see our Rubix Cutaway One Piece below.
So what do you guys think? They’re so cute, right?! Which one is your favorite?

P.S. Ever wanted to know more about our model Jenny (above), since you see her around so much? A few months ago we profiled her and made a fun video! See it here.



Alyssa Mrozek -February 6, 2009, 7:34AM

Hey I was just wondering what the brand name is for the Feather Frill Bandeau Bikini, because I love it sooo much, but I think it sold out already! Thanks!

One Piece Bikinis -February 28, 2013, 4:35PM

Those One Piece bikinis are to die for ! must own before summer !

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