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Thursday Poll – Edition 29

Happy Thursday everyone! The week is nearing a close and that means it’s time for our Thursday poll!
For last week’s poll, I wondered which of our new swim suits was your favorite. It was actually a really close vote, with the Rubix Cutaway One Piece winning by 15 votes, with 139 votes total!
Lately I have been loving all the printed tights we have, they really make a dull outfit a lot more exciting! So, this week I wanted to ask you about our printed tights and see which ones you find most appealing!
First take a look at our Pondi Cherry Paisley Tight, shown here in grey.

Now, see our New Wings Footless Tights below.

Next, check out our Rainbow Fade Footless Tights.
Finally, shown here are our Courtneyrose Footless Tights.
So, which of these tights do you like the best?



Shelley -February 12, 2009, 2:22PM

The Pondi Cherry Paisley Tights are really cute they almost look like tatoos!

olive -February 12, 2009, 2:40PM

Love these tights. I can’t wait to buy them at or just in their store. They are the only store in Chico CA that carries the awesome Free People line. Love the first pair by the way!!!!!

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