doub’s glove project

One of our former design team employees, Michelle, recently dug up our Art Director Doub’s glove project from many years ago, and posted it on her blog! You can see it above, it’s pretty fabulous – I couldn’t resist sharing it with you guys as well!
Here’s a little note from Doub about where the inspiration for this project came from:
Well what became fascinating for me when I started the glove project was how elaborately detailed each pair of gloves were. And with each glove it’s delicate little details really dictated each design. I had become obsessed with gloves and was scouring the city for them mainly for the strange need to cut one of the pair up into a silhouette. I still have such an appreciation for the amazing craftsmanship and design of gloves.
It really is a very inspiring project! And speaking of inspiration, our friend Michelle’s blog is called Inspiration Resource, and aptly so! You should definitely check it out if you feel so inclined…

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Megan -March 26, 2009, 3:16PM

These are so cute and interesting, did Doub sew up the little garments?

Elsita -March 26, 2009, 10:49PM

This is so great!
Elsita :)

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