girls rock philly!

The awesome week-long musical summer camp Girls Rock Philly is looking for volunteers for it’s upcoming session this August! The all-girls camp targets musical development, self-esteem enhancement, friendship & community building, and nurturing individual talents within a cooperative atmosphere. During the week long camp, the campers form bands, and at the end of the week put on a concert! The campers and volunteers (who do not need to play an instrument or be in a band) have a blast!
They are having a meet-&-greet for volunteers a week from this Sunday. Check out the specifics if you’re interested! There’s also a Girls Rock Portland and a Girls Rock Chicago that I bet are starting to look for volunteers as well!
Below, check out a few of the bands from last year‘s camp. They are so awesome!

Close Encounters
Dark Angelz
Electric Bliss
Iron Tree



Megan -March 29, 2009, 1:33PM

Thanks for the post about Girls Rock Philly! We are happy to announce our camp dates for 2009 – August 3 – 8. This year, campers will even get a professional recording of their band! Applications are now online:

bleape -May 13, 2009, 9:19AM

well i love the gitar
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