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green capsule

Can you believe this tiny little garden?! The Green Capsule only grows one seed at a time – the kit comes with tomato, sweet basil, cabbage and green pepper. I like that it has a little strap! It’s designed to be attached to your cellphone but I think I might rather wear mine around my neck! They’re sold here if you feel so inclined…
Via Apartment Therapy.



Ellie -April 26, 2009, 6:39PM

okay super random but….
i went to the site, b/c i was so inclined to purchase, but this brought me back to an addiction i have. they have this little charm haning on the au kddi networks infobar 2, which i have been salivating over for like…EVER!!! so now, im just crying on the inside cuz i want that phone sooooooooo badly… =( geez, i wish i lived in japan…i dont care if i was some silly gaijin(foreigner), i just want that phone!! (0_0)

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