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who says you have to carve a pumpkin?
i’m not good with knives, so i really love these creative ideas for decorating pumpkins that don’t involve carving :)

pumpkin penguin! for a step by step look at how its made, click here.

these stenciled pumpkins can be done with stencils like the ones found here.
accessorize your pumpkin with beads, jewels and charms!
decorate your pumpkin with lace patterns! this can be done really easily with paper doilies, as demonstrated here.
finally, decoupage your pumpkin with whatever you want…i really like the edgar allen poe theme in this one.
i want to try all of the above…if any of you have some cool pumpkin decorating or carving ideas and pictures, send them my way!


Jennifer -October 30, 2009, 11:05AM

oo! i think you’d get a kick outta this. i paint pumpkins every year for a group called “andys pumpkin express”, to help raise money for juvenile diabetes. these are some of the ones i did for the past 2 years, enjoy!

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