november 2009 gift catalog shoot

good morning and happy friday…
take a look at this cute behind the scenes video from our november 2009 gift catalog shoot. this shoot and catalog are extra special because they feature our customers as our models! the girls in the catalog are from our open model casting that was held over the summer.

the song in the video is “hobo girl” by the fruit bats…if you haven’t heard their latest album the ruminant band you should check it out…just sayin.

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ronnie -November 13, 2009, 10:45PM

THANK YOU for introducing us to such an awesome band (and Winston)!

Allison -May 6, 2013, 3:53PM

Hey! I was actually one of the girls in the catalog, and I was really bummed when I went on your YouTube to show a friend the video and it wasn’t there. Any chance you’d be able to post it back up? Or even e-mail it to me? I like to reminisce from time to time :) Thank you!

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