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in keeping with the photography theme of the day…did you ever have to make a pinhole camera at school when you were younger? i didn’t, but i kind of wish i had. luckily someone at work showed me this site where you can download and print out a pdf of a cute little pinhole camera that you can make with just a few additional supplies.
plus, look how cool the photos can turn out…

to make your own pinhole camera, go to the website and download the pdf here!
i think i’m going to make one and decorate it to look very free people…if it turns out ok, i’ll share on the blog :)


Alicia -November 4, 2009, 3:38PM

I made this pinhole camera about two months ago and the photos turned out awesome.Hope yours comes out good too!

Sheila Bocchine, Pinhole Photographer -November 9, 2009, 9:16PM

The second pinhole image is super gorgeous! I love the corner sunburst and the way the flowers and grasses are gravitating towards the sun!

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