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a fellow fp girl told me about illustrator daniel egneus and in looking through the work on his website i found myself lost in the realm where fantasy and reality meet.  egneus combines dark, edgy imagery with pops of watercolor and careful and realistic detail with sketchy lines to create images that can only exist in your wildest dreams… but leave you wishing they were real.





i was further impressed when i read that he’s had no formal education – drawing only from his experiences in life, the people and places around him, and of course, daydreams.

see more of his work at danielegneus.com.

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faizan khan -April 4, 2010, 12:56AM

if you look deep into these, this is actually one of the best peice of arts i have ever seen, especially from someone who is not educated. This clearly shows he is a complete genious. All these mean something, something that may go beyond a normal humanbeings way of thinking…

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