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thursday poll – edition 91

hey everyone! hope you’re all enjoying your earth day. the weather is warming up and i am loving all of our cute shorts – which do you like best?

easy linen short:

denim carpenter short:

cord cargo short

ever brookland short:

paint splatter cut offs
paint splatter cut offs

we the free madras short

last week’s poll turnout was amazing! 1,525 votes and only 9 votes separated the winner (girl number 5) from second place (girl number one) – and in case you didn’t figure it out, the winner was sandy and second place was candy :)

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shirelly -April 23, 2010, 4:44AM

yes,these cloth is very good,i like ever brookland short:it was very special.but i think the beautiful cloth should match the suit bag,now the prada has been show the new style in 2010,very suit match this cloth,i will suit this cloth with Prada army green cowskin shoulder bag 3927,yes,it very good.
Prada army green cowskin shoulder bag 3927

Keeley -April 23, 2010, 9:58AM

Really I love them all!

Zara -April 25, 2010, 9:00PM

Wow.. they look Great

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