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today’s featured artist is actress/singer/style icon charlotte gainsbourg. she has long been france’s sweetheart and calls paris home, but she’s making a name for herself in the US as well thanks to her latest album, IRM. since releasing the album she has embarked on her first live tour, culminating with a top spot in this year’s coachella lineup (she’s playing on sunday).  IRM is a collaboration with beck, who wrote and produced the songs using notes and lyrics that charlotte supplied. the subject matter on the record is heavy- in 2007 she underwent surgery for a brain hemorrhage – the title track “IRM” is MRI in french, and incorporates the sounds of the machine. while that might sound ominous, the song is actually upbeat and the feel of the album is uplifting. it is the story of someone overcoming a challenge and using that difficult situation to make something beautiful.

charlotte herself is beautiful – she has that annoying ability to appear as if she rolled out of bed and threw on whatever clothes were nearby while still looking effortlessly chic. i loved her in “i’m not there,” in which she played the french artist who fell in love with and married the character based on bob dylan – a role that you could almost see her living in real life.


listen to some tunes from her album below and let me know if you love her too!

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the clothing menu -April 6, 2010, 10:10PM

i love charlotte’s music and style! i wrote about her on my blog recently too.

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