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i picked the photos above specifically because i think they give you a little bit of the feeling of caribou’s music… like a watercolor painting of greens, purples, pinks and blues swirling around in a pool of sunlight. his first album, andorra, was recommended by a staff member at amoeba in san francisco and the second i pressed play i was mesmerized by the soaring melodies and daniel snaith’s dreamy, angelic voice. it’s hard to believe he created all the beauty of the album on his own (although he does perform with a live band on tour). the new album, swim, was recorded while snaith was learning to swim, which influenced him to experiment with different sounds to create the feeling of being under water. the music has a more electronic feel and i actually think it sort of loses a little bit of the atmospheric dreaminess that made the last album so relaxing, but it still has some standouts, like the first song “odessa.” check out the playlist for a few songs from the new album, along with some of my favorite tracks from andorra (“eli”, “melody day”, “she’s the one”). let me know what you think!

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nathan -April 21, 2010, 9:47AM

love this album! and he’ll be here in philly may 9.

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